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Hello, I am Alexis Williams - the Founder and CEO of Cardio Core Champions, and the story behind my business is profoundly personal and rooted in a desire to make a profound impact on young and professional athletes nationwide. It all began with my own son, who was diagnosed with a heart condition from birth. This diagnosis, while initially daunting, gave our family a precious gift - the gift of awareness and preparation. With this awareness, we were able to take proactive measures and ensure his safety while participating in sports. We could communicate effectively with his coaches and athletic teams, making informed decisions about his athletic endeavors and giving him the opportunity to pursue his passion with confidence.


In parallel, my nephew, a promising young athlete, experienced a sudden cardiac event during a practice session. It was a heart-stopping moment for our family, but, miraculously, he survived. These life-altering experiences, both with my son's congenital heart condition and my nephew's sudden cardiac event, crystallized a vision within me - a vision of not only offering parents peace of mind but also educating athletes about heart issues and equipping them with the knowledge to recognize warning signs. I founded this business not just as a service, but as a mission to bridge the gap between sports and healthcare, and to provide comprehensive cardiac screenings and personalized risk assessments to athletes of all ages and levels, nationwide.


To propel this mission forward and truly excel in our efforts, we are reaching out to potential sponsors with a bold request. We are seeking $60 million dollars in sponsorship to help us expand our services, raise awareness, and support young and professional athletes across the country. With your support, we can make a lasting impact on athlete heart health, ensuring that every aspiring athlete has the opportunity to pursue their dreams.


Together, we can: Empower Athletes. Elevate Performance. Safeguard Hearts.

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